Yells timber! How The Timberland Company goes green

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Retailers Tomorrow

Footprints Made Sustainable

The Timberland Company’s popularity has expanded amongst the casual consumer since 1918.  The well-known product of the hiking boot turns eco-friendly, finding its mark in the retail sector and proliferating products from waterproof hiking boots to innovative environmentally-friendly worldwide stores. The Timberland Company has shown its sustainability effort and its impacts on the retail industry with great influenced concepts of nature transforming the way we not only conserve energy, but how one’s fashion becomes conservative-naturally. The Timberland brand has a remarkable philosophy stated well by Timberland’s President & CEO Jeff Swartz, which involves not only community engagement, but its offering of environmental conscious products, and it’s very profitable supply chains.  Jeff Swartz calls these elements the, “Earthkeepers philosophy.” Mike Harrison, Timberland’s Chief Brand officer expressed his advocacy campaign for nature conservation with the proliferation of the Earthkeeper boot, and bringing a full-line of merchandise that has become very profitable for Timberland. According to, Stratham, N.H (The Business Wire) reports the bottom line equaled in the second quarter revenue at $240.1 million, a 27.1% increase compared with revenue of 189.0 million for the same period of 2010.

One of nature finest assembly- The Earthkeeper

This outdoor brand was developed with the intention to be sustainable with retail stores using less energy as they are LEED certified, and the manufacturing of  products that can be completely dissembled and recycled, check out Timberland’s Earthkeeper 2.0 below for a further look at this stylist yet, eco-conscious good.  Another interesting fact about this retailer is that has its own Nutrition Label, the first of its kind for the retail industry, which includes how the product was produced, manufactured, and the impact on the environment. I find this very exciting, for I have always loved this modern hiking boot made by Timberland. Go to to shop, learn, and become environmentally  educated on how one retailer in the industry is consciously aware of its surroundings.

Timberland reduces the environmental footprint

Check out interesting videos found below of The Timberland Company– innovation through sustainability!

Timberland 60-second challenge: How many eco-conscious store design elements can you find?

How many did you find?

Learn more about the “Story behind The Earthkeeper” on



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  1. poignantunt says:

    I would have to agree 100% about Timberland being a very sustainable product. With them heading in the green direction I feel it puts them a step above the rest. Not only that they are becoming more eco friendly as you stated which people are crazy about right now. People recognize these things and remember it.

  2. lwklang says:

    Timberland is a great example of a sustainable company. It is evident that they have and are putting forth the effort of protecting the environment. I admire this company for what they are doing for the environment.

  3. kindrex says:

    It’s refreshing to see that Timberland not only creates environmentally friendly products, but they also are aware of how their store can be Eco-friendly. They made the effort to make sure that every last detail in their store would benefit the environment. Hopefully other companies follow Timberland’s lead and realize that small changes can make big differences.

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