The thumbnail watch = Technology + Fashion Accessory

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Extreme Fashion, Technology

Timex TX54 disposable nail watch design concept

Time flies when you are busy creating an idea built from technology and wise experimentation. The world was introduced to this concept named, “Timex 2154,” in 2004 with collaborated help from Core77 (Core77 Army, 2012). Core77 held a global design competition and surprisingly everyone, Timex was only the runner-up. Timex may only be the honorable mention, but still a winner for staying power since renamed in the 1960s (Timex History, 2007). I had a Timex many, many, many, well not that many years ago, that I could only wear for a short period of time since the watch always knew when to pull the hair from my wrist.

Timex, one of the best known watch companies in the world, reached its milestone 150th Anniversary this year. Throughout its long and rich history, Timex has remained at the forefront of advanced technology, developing iconic and internationally recognized timepieces. From the first mass-produced, affordable pocket watches to Indiglo night-light, the company’s propriety watch illumination technology, has been driven by the advancement of state-of-the-art timekeeping (Timex TX54, 2008).

Timex was also known for completely dominating the low-price market, with designing for women first, then in 1961 established men’s wristwatches (Jamaluddin, 2008). There is no update as of yet, if this will even come into fruition, but I surely hope so, perhaps year 2154? I am not into the nail polish phenomenon. No O.P.I. bandwagon sponsor here. However, I am sure Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber or even Zoya would love to add their name to this disposable look, and create quite the stir in the streets. I would not be surprised if you see men “rocking” this cool concept, since some may think nail polish is a bit extreme. Have you ever thought about the price of such a design? No publication yet found on the price for the TX2154. If I had a hand in deciding the price point, I would probably sell the watches like contacts, a box of 6 for about $39.99. Maybe one day, we can truly see this wearable technology manufactured and produced for the masses. In the meantime, I give it two thumbs up!!

Excuse me, but do you have the time?


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