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Sustainable ME journey

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Remain and Sustain(ability)

I must admit I have been quite successful over these last two weeks with my initiative to conserve the amount of water I usually waste. The challenge was certainly being mindful of turning off the water while I brushed my teeth, waiting on the shower, even the amount of time while in the shower. I used this water calculator to help me track my usage and if I was truly doing justice for the environment by lowering my consumption of water usage on a daily basis. Check out this link to see how you can improve your water use patterns, this calculator includes a tracker for household activities both inside and outside of your home on a daily, monthly or yearly basis

Water Conservation: You must be the difference

Imagine your small impact with changes to your patterns and how you consume water. After I calculated the use of my water over these last two weeks, I have made a difference.  According to the Desert Water Agency, my household uses less  than the per capita amount at 25915 gallons every year. Not only does water recycling saves on water waste it also contributes to saving energy.  This leads me to my next venture on saving energy because I have negative behaviors that contribute to my high electricity bill, such as leaving most of all the lights on even when I am not occupied in those areas. I leave the television on while I am using my laptop,appliances plugged in while not in use, and my list of behaviors are a mile long. However, I can say that since my awareness with water conservation by not leaving the water running, taking shorter showers, washing when the temperatures are at the lowest of the day, using a water filter instead of buying water every week, brings me several steps closer to reaching a sustainable goal that I can accomplish. Join me next week for another journey on how I can now reduce my energy levels.

Need more tips on how to conserve water? Enjoy the video below…and start your sustainable efforts today!



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