GO GO Gadget..

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Remain and Sustain(ability), Technology

Greetings! It has been a long week but I have continued with my very first initiatives with staying on track with my sustainable efforts daily. Next week, the apartment complex will let me know if some of the apartment buildings have any reductions in water consumption. I am excited to see if anyone implementing the tips from my Reduce the Use, brochure I made. I can say my electricity bill this month went down $48.20 also reducing CO2 emissions by 250 lbs.I have Green Mountain Energy by the way, the bill is very detailed in your difference contribution. Remember energy and water conservation goes hand and hand.

Now, let’s talk about where we left off last week. I mentioned how digital technology uses coal-fired power plants that contribute to global-warming along with mountaintop removal, and where most electronics end up called e-waste. I did more research this week than I have contributing to the reduction because I needed to learn more about the topic in general and ways I could spread awareness. A study released by the Consumer Electronic Association in June found just 10.2 million of 119 million U.S. households are estimated to have enrolled in energy management programs, however two-thirds of consumers lack understanding of the smart grid. This is the two-thirds I hope to eventually reach or others continue this trend to spread awareness of e-waste. Don’t forget to use your energy and water calculator!  Here is my footprints behind the start of my journey to erase e-waste. Make sure you mark your calendar for next year as we just passed E-Waste Recycling Week from October 21st-27th this year.

Erase your E-waste

The first thing I needed to know is where I could go to recycle some of my old electronics, since I have 2 older Blackberrys, a keyboard, an anciet VCR, and well if I keep digging in my storage, I’m sure I’ll find more. So let’s know where to go- Click on the link and put in your zip code and WALA! you have the closest recycling resource for electronics-http://www.greenergadgets.org/Recycle-Electronics.aspx. The locations available uses strict standards and are third-party certified recyclers of our gidgets and gadgets.

The second piece which should really be the first when it comes to saving money is knowing if your devices actually still have value-that’s right what’s in it for you if you recycle your electronics. Here is a brief list!

  1. Amazon.com gives a gift-card through its trade-in program
  2. Kodak offers a mail-in cash program for old digital cameras and printers
  3. Recyclebank will give you points for recycling that can be used for discounts and merchandise.
  4. You can always give it away-(I took my VCR and all of my VHS to a nursing home this weekend)
  5. Recycle it!

There are many other ways if you choose not to donate your electronics..How about we UPGRADE what you already have. Sounds like a plan, right?  If you are an Iphone lover and you have the 4S and want the 5- I suggest you save your $299-599 on a new phone and just upgrade your software for FREE..guess what? It is the exact same thing. Plus the phone did not change colors but if you want a change go to http://www.skinit.com.  According to EPA for every million cellphone we recycle, 35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium can be removed. WOW!  This is our start in gathering old electronics and making a difference to erase e-waste.

Go go gadget

In the next week I am going to work with my apartment complex, friends, and family to collect all broken, old, and unwanted electronics and see how we can erase our e-waste. I have some really great ideas for next week’s journey-guess you will have to wait to find out what I have come up with and the many electronics I will have collected. Until then remain and sustain!




Recycle Electronics. (n.d). Greener Gadgets. Retrieved on October 29, 2012 from http://www.greenergadgets.org/Recycle-Electronics.aspx

  1. jrb329 says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog this week. I have heard about recycling electronics in one of my other classes, but for some reason I never looked at it as being sustainable. I myself don’t have a ton of old gadgets, but I did have old phones which I traded in to get a lower price on my IPhone. This is a good example that is something small and beneficial to not only the environment but individuals and I think anyone would gladly do this.

  2. ebulalwe says:

    Thank you for the tips on recycling e-waist. I have numerous electronics hanging around the house and most of them don’t. I have always felt bad about throwing them away. And as far as old appliances that I don’t need I guess I could donate them.

  3. It’s really amazing,I am interesting about the idea that you mentioned in the posting, Indeed, the waste of electronic devices, or you called e-waste is so severe that because it consumes more energy without having the positive effectiveness on people’s daily life. Therefore, this is a considerable opinions for the electronic industries as whole.

  4. Great job focusing on a niche topic– this is really something that more people should be aware of as electronics become an increasingly integral part of our lives.

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