Final Destination: My sustainable semester wrap-up

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Eco, Remain and Sustain(ability)
Be the difference!

Be the difference!

I guess time does fly when you are making moves, staying busy and changing daily habits to create a better future for tomorrow. I started this journey with a commitment to change my daily unconscious behaviors on a every day basis. Idid not realize the importance of our resources until this sustainability project, in which brought many environmental aspects into perspective. I would have never imagined my focus being on a larger scale to remain and sustain my concentration efforts on reducing consumption in so many areas than the obvious ones. I did not however get to start my journey on recycling as I had expected but this is not the final destination to my personal initiative to continue with my efforts to shape my commitment for a lifetime.

I can truly say that it has become almost natural for me to turn off the faucets faster when in use instead of letting it run longer than it is actually needed whether that is from brushing my teeth, allowing the shower to run, washing dishes, etc. I am curious to know the gallons I would have conserved at the end of the year, but I will know the results in about 27 days starting from September. The changes that I have actually seen has been within my apartment complex overall as mentioned in our apartment newsletter, where overall as a complex,  the water bill went down by $3.41 over the last month. My “reduce the use” pamphlet came in handy as many the neighbors have left comments on the tips that were taken from the handout. “One neighbor mentioned that the impacts of saving today will be much more greater than ever before.” My conservation of water efforts went hand and hand with my energy tips and tricks.  Waste not want not right?

Along the way, I found  the bigger picture that becoming sustainable will not only save our natural resources but can save lives too. E-waste concerned me especially when I see innocent children confined to areas surrounded my toxic chemicals, which drove me to have a mini contest to not only bring awareness but for a great cause. Please see my Go Go Gadget and Leggo My Eco posting for ways to continue the impact with unused electronics/unwanted appliances.

I appreciate this journey because for the next year I have a few projects lined up with my Green Team at work, the Nike Reuse a Shoe program with a sneaker drive, and much much more. I have fulfilled a purpose for the future but my journey is not over just the semester. Thanks for joining me throughout each journey! Remember maintain and sustain…



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