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Can we say it’s true that Simon Spurr is a hauterfly.  For those new to this British word, its means a fashion industry insider or a person heavily involved in the industry’s social scene. Guess you can say I find interesting terms especially from A rad site to learn different sayings or slang words commonly used abroad. Simon Spurr, a British designer that has caused quite the stur with his craft and highly-acclaimed fashion. High-end of course.

Simon Spurr born in Kent, England somehow had a natural talent for the craft it takes to become a fashion designer. I say it must come natural, if you are able to cut out fabric into a pant without a pattern, sew them, and the fit come out precisely. This was the exact actions of Simon Spurr, and quite the precision needed for quality tailoring. It’s quite amazing how some fashion designers set out first in a different direction, in this case Simon pursued art first from Kent Institute of Art and Design. Simon then went on to graduate in 1996 from Middlesex University in London (Cohen, 2010).

Simon Spurr, after graduation landed jobs in New York at Nautica, CK Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Then, in 2006, Spurr left to go solo and launch Spurr, a denim-centric line of mostly casual clothing (Underwood, 2011). After five years past, the name was created and high-end suits and sportswear became branded in 2009. Simon Spurr, was on the rise and his undeniable label of tailored pieces, such as the raincoat with leather sleeves, the blazer with laminate lapels, and his choices of color and texture.  I am sure women can appreciate the confidence of his collections.  Simon Spurr, brings confidence back in menswear again with these tailored, more colorful tones. Why play it safe, when you can play it sexy.

As a newly recent star in the fashion industry, Simon Spurr, has achieved much success and although he is not under his own fashion house at this time, however as Tommy Hilfiger’s creative consultant for the men’s runway collection, he has greatly had an effect on how men are dressing and what styles are being purchased.

In January 2012, Spurr merged his two lines, SPURR and SIMON SPURR, to create a more expansive collection under the SIMON SPURR moniker (Palmieri, 2011).  Not to mention, the winner of Rising Star Award, menswear by Fashion Group International (Karimzadeh, 2012). While we await the winner, Simon Spurr is also currently nominated by CFDA for Menswear Designer of the Year (Cowles, 2012).

I am very excited to see such appreciated construction as I too love menswear. I am starting to see my interest which continues to show variants of the modernized, classic approach found in menswear.  Simon Spurr, a designer, I find highly favorable.

Simon Spurr



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