Maintain & Sustain: My environmental efforts

                  Welcome to my first week of my sustainable me project. I have made a personal commitment to be very mindful of my consumption behaviors; this week is it all about water conservation.  Boy, am I disappointed in my first few days, and once I tell you my behaviors, I am almost 99% sure many will be able to relate as well. 

Let’s start with my mornings. I am terrible when it comes to leaving the water running especially when I am brushing my teeth, or even trying to multi-task before taking a shower. Now that I am making this conscious effort to conserve, I can see how such a small turn can become major impact. I guess I like the sound of the water running because I will start brushing my teeth while the water is still running, begin flossing while the water is still running, use the mouthwash while the water is still running, turn on the shower, and start ironing, then somehow realize unconsciously that the water has been running for quite some time and that’s when I eventually turn it off.  

Turn the water off while brushing

 Now, I am curious as to just how much water I have wasted by continuing to allow the water to run while I complete a simple necessity such as brushing my teeth. My results are not so good. So in a twenty minute period, I have consumed on average at least 3 gallons of water, in which I probably only used less than a quarter cup, equating to only two ounces. Mind you, I have not even calculated how much I have used for the shower, or from flushing the toilet. Wow! Amazing how such a simple task of turning off the water while performing morning task can impact the environment greatly. 

 Do you know the impacts of water conservation? When water is used wisely  it can help preserve our drinking supplies, return water back to rivers, freshwater fish and animals, energy, and the list goes on and on. Do you know your water footprint? Understand that the average American lifestyle is kept afloat by about 2,000 gallons of H2O a day-twice the global average! How do you add up?

One day can save a lifetime!

I have included a link for you to pledge to reduce your water footprint and to see exactly how your daily lifestyle calculates in terms of your water consumption. Make that change because we may wish we had today-tomorrow!

Want more of my journey? Click the post Sustainable Me journey and find my weekly efforts of trying to maintain and sustain.


 Water Footprint Calculator. (n.d). National Geographic. Retrieved on September 18, 2012 from


  1. Qingxiang An says:

    Yes, water wasting is one of the most serious problems all over the world. In order to control and reduce the water wasting, people should not only think the plants can deal with tons of polluted water but also how to protect wasted using water. Like GE, they have established an water wasting protection system, called W2V(waste to value) (GE, 2012), and GE has focus on the water waste and pollution for years.

    GE. 2012. Retrieved from:

    • jrb329 says:

      I too waste a ton of water, and want to include that in my sustainable me journey. Everyone thinks that it is too much work to help the environment, or they don’t realize that their individual efforts do add up and make a difference. It is little things like water conservation that can make a huge difference on the environment.

  2. jbtrippeer says:

    Thank you for your comments on self assessing water consumption! Who amoung us is not guilty or running the water too long for a shower or when brushing teeth?

    I feel more motivated to modify my family’s behavior after your page, thanks!

  3. I love that you are focused on water conservation because this really is a super serious issue. One really handy invention that I read about online is a Rain Sensor that can be installed with an irrigation system. “Rain sensors are one of the most basic and inexpensive ways to make an irrigation system more efficient. By simply preventing the system from running during or immediately after it rains, they can save a tremendous amount of water.” This might be the answer for my struggles in deciding how to go about using our sprinkler system more efficiently! All of your water conservation tips are really inspiring!

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